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meet kim

hi, i'm kim.

i am a los angeles, california based commercial photographer who started her career in greensboro, north carolina.

i am obsessed with taking pictures of passionate people. as a concert photographer, i learned how to take pictures in low light settings. as a wedding photographer, i learned how to capture emotion. when i first moved to los angeles, i learned that comedians are my favorite type of person to photograph. i have been fortunate enough to work with comedy central, vice, showtime, o the oprah magazine, vogue, society6, and other publications + tv networks since. i even had a book published!

i can find humour in mostly anything. when I am not taking pictures or hunched over a computer-- i can always be found:

• rollerskating at skateparks
• at comedy shows (both in the crowd and backstage)
• slowly typing things into the google search bar